Zero defect,
Be reliable
PCBA Manufacturer

We are committed to making our Printed circuit board assembly products zero-defect and can return or exchange them for you without any reason.

zero defects

Zero defects

We are committed to providing you with zero-defect products.



In the pursuit of quality, we are always worthy of your trust.

Return or exchange

Can be returned or exchanged

No physical objects, no photos, no reason to return or exchange.

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Who We Are

We provide
the best PCB Assembly Services

One - stop Printed circuit board assembly Solution provider

Keep Best PCB Assembly Co., Ltd serves many well-known brand customers in industrial control, security, medical, Internet of Things, automotive, artificial intelligence, smart home, power and communications industries at home and abroad.
The company continues to be customer-centric, improves the level of digital intelligence, and is committed to meeting continued high-quality customer needs.
In 2024, we put forward the quality requirements of “zero defects, support for no-reason returns and exchanges” that challenge the limits of the industry, and strive to provide customers and partners with the highest quality products and services in the industry, and assist customers in business success.

What We Offer

Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Keep Best PCB Assembly Co., Ltd is a printed circuit board assembly manufacturer integrating component procurement/SMT/DIP/finished product assembly and testing.

PCB Design Service

We have many years of PCB design experience and can meet the various needs of our customers.

PCB DFMA Service

We provide comprehensive DFMA services, including  manufacturability analysis, etc.

PCB Manufacturing

We conduct strict quality control on the manufacturing process to ensure product quality.

PCB Assembly Service

We provide one-stop PCBA services, including design, manufacturing, testing and assembly. 

Components Purchasing

We have an extensive network of suppliers to ensure you get all the components you need.

Assembly Test

Our assembly testing services cover all aspects to meet your different testing needs.

Our Value

Three core advantages help customers succeed in business

One-stop companionship service

- Participate in R&D proposals and reduce the number of R&D samples, from initial samples to trial production to mass production.

Flexible and fast support

- The trend of customization and personalization is obvious, orders are scattered, small, and fast.

Many years of industry foreign trade experience

- Understand customers’ quality thinking and be familiar with international communication methods

Our repair and return policy

The first PCBA manufacturer in the industry to provide the ultimate in high-quality services.

Can be returned or exchanged

No physical objects, no photos, no reason to return or exchange, as long as you are satisfied.

If you want to have it repaired locally

If you want to have it repaired locally,
We bear the cost of repairs

If you agree to return it for repair

If you agree to return it for repair,
We cover logistics and repair costs

If you do not agree to repair

If you do not agree to repair,
We will replace you with a brand new product

If you do not agree to repair and replacement

If you do not agree to repair and replacement,
We will refund you

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the Keepbest team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.

Machinery and equipment

Our production equipment